We were first introduced to this breed when we adopted a yellow Labrador Retriever rescue dog, who we named “Sandy”.  Sandy was a quiet, gentle dog who adapted very well to our family life. This set the stage for another decision a few years later when our son asked for his own dog.

A Labrador Retriever it would be. "MOKI", HIS yellow/WHITE Lab joined our family, fitting into our lifestyle just as well. She became our son’s best friend, learning to climb ladders, playing fetch, and exploring her world with an enthusiasm that only labs can have.

As Moki grew up, we wondered if we should try to have puppies.  Moki's first litter were eight little white labs! After a summer of adventure and  fun, it was time to say good-bye to these little white balls of fluff as one by one they left for their forever homes.

Then Bailey, Lab Thor, and Molly joined our family. We now had friends for Moki and two litters of puppies a year!

We joined the Canadian Kennel Club, and became "official breeders". Uncharacteristically though, we never have had very many dogs at one time, as they truly are a part of our family life.

Champion pedigrees and health testing became an important part of our program to insure good conformation and health.

After a few a years we decided that fostering out our dogs was an attractive option to us as we knew that our dogs would be placed in wonderful homes, but they would still be a part of our family and we would still get to see them. We would also get a litter with exceptional pedigrees to pass along to new owners.

Foster dogs, Chocolate Thea and Chocolate Ragnar, and Black Lab Otis, who we whelped,  were then adopted out. We have loved their many visits to the farm.  We have also become good friends with their owners.

Thea (sire,  Blitzen) had her first litter in June 2016. These beautiful black puppies are featured on our web site, and have been sought out by advertising companies for filming purposes. Thea is now back home enjoying life with her family.

We are now on our fourth generation of dogs (one generation being four years in our breeding program), and welcome our sons and families as part of this incredible hobby.

Yellow (white in colour) Cotton and Frosty, and chocolate Chica are the most recent additions to our family.

I can’t imagine raising a family without labs, they give such joy and love.

Have we learned a lot? Yes, and we are always open to learning more! Labs are for us, a central grounding constant that we would not want to live without.

Don and Jacquie Conrad

Don and Jacquie Conrad